Petit Pli

Clothes that grow with your child

Petit Pli are a modern and fit for purpose range of childrenswear that expands and contracts to grow as your child grows. Designs can grow through 7 sizes; with a single garment fitting a child aged from 9 months to 4 years.

Their amazing textile technology is wrapped up in a garment design that is both minimalistic and exquisite, solving two problems: kids growing fast and kids outgrowing clothes faster than you can get wear out of them. Avoiding clothing waste which is a huge problem for the planet. By extending clothing life by nine months alone, carbon and water footprints can be reduced by 20–30% each.

The durable, machine-washable and fast-drying ripstop fabric is perfect for climbing, crawling and being a kid. Petit Pli pants have reinforced knees, the tops have expandable pockets, and the garments have reflective tabs for added visibility.

Petit Pli’s Turbine Hall B location reflects their values of innovation, sustainability and delight (- for all things space-age). The location aligns with its origin story; setting up shop around the corner from where Petit Pli took its first steps, at the RCA and Imperial College London.

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Upper Ground Floor, Turbine Hall B, The Power Station


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