6 April 2017

Battersea Power Station Nominated for Major Award

As part of the meticulous restoration of the Power Station building, the four mighty chimneys have to be carefully taken down and replaced exactly as they were before, as the originals were so damaged as to be beyond repair.

This is a hugely involved process: just the dismantling calls for great care and special methods, as the building below must be preserved from damage and huge amounts of work are underway inside it, presenting major safety challenges. The rebuilding is a similarly painstaking process, with special methods employed to ensure the same appearance as that produced by the original builders back in the 20th century.

Engineering projects like this don’t happen every day, and in recognition of this the Power Station chimney project has been shortlisted by the Institution of Civil Engineers’ London Civil Engineering Awards. The award the chimneys are up for is the Londonist People’s Choice Award, which is decided by an online vote of the public.