6 April 2017

Power Station Peregrine Completes Laying Her Eggs

For 17 years a pair of peregrine falcons has been in residence at the Power Station. This year the resident birds are getting ready to start another new family, but there’s a challenge ahead for the father.

Peregrine expert David Morrison reports:

“Very pleased to say that our female now has 5 eggs, a great achievement by her for the
2nd year running.

“The gap was a little longer at 58 hours from 4th to 5th but this is to be expected on her last egg.

“It now remains to be seen if our male, when he does his shift, is big enough to incubate all 5 at once … fingers crossed.”

Female peregrines, as is the case with most raptors, are bigger than the males. It’s to be hoped that the expectant dad will be able to keep the eggs warm when it’s his turn to take a shift and let mother get something to eat.

We’ll keep you posted on the new peregrines, especially once they reach the crucial and dangerous fledging stage when they must leave the nest and learn to fly and hunt for themselves.