Getting here today

How to get to Battersea Power Station

Transport links and access are changing fast around Battersea Power Station. Find out the latest and best ways to get here, and what’s coming up in the future.

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Getting Here Today

Searching for 'Battersea Power Station' using online maps may take you to the wrong place.  Even if you've been here before, please use the icons below to guide you, as access may have changed since your last visit.

 Please note, a new route is now open, leading from Pump House Lane (off Battersea Park Road) to Circus West Village. You can also use the steps or lift on the south side of Chelsea Bridge Road to get to the river walk.

Parking is available in Battersea Circus West (SW11 8EZ) 24 hours a day. To access the car park, enter from Battersea Park Road and drive straight along Pump House Lane. Turn left as you reach the new development and drive into the underground car park.
Please note, there are a limited number of spaces available. 

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