Street Art at Battersea Power Station

To celebrate the opening of the new Battersea Power Station underground station, we threw a big street party and invited some very special international and local street artists to put their colourful touch on our iconic destination! If you missed the celebrations, don't worry, you can watch some highlights from the weekend here and still see the amazing pieces of artwork for the next few weeks. We also have an amazing array of places to eat, drink, shop and play here at Battersea Power Station, so make sure you pop by and enjoy everything we have to offer!

About the artists:

Mr. Brainwash - mural located on the river walk in front of the Power Station and sculpture located in the water feature in the main piazza

Over the last 10 years Mr. Brainwash, AKA LA-based French street artist Thierry Guetta, has been placed on the elite list of the world’s top artists based on auction sales of nearly $2.5million. The meteoric rise of this subversive and playful visionary has been the largest ever seen in the art market, and is partly due to the challenge he continues to issue to the establishment - flouting convention and creating no holds barred artworks and exhibitions that continue to surprise, stimulate, amuse and encourage his worldwide audience.

In 2010, Mr. Brainwash appeared as the central character in the Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, directed by and featuring Banksy. He has since collaborated with partners including Marvel Comics, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, footballing legend Pele and designed album covers for Madonna, Rick Ross, Michael Jackson, The Black Keys and KYGO. His extraordinary success has won him commissions and collectors from all walks of life, from the Obamas to the Beckhams.

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Bonzai - located on the river walk in front of the Power Station

Bonzai is a full-time artist and creative director in London, specialising in his trademark technical Liquid Chrome letterforms. For the past 20 years Bonzai has been pushing himself and his work to new levels, striving to make every piece more complex and progressive than the last.

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Choots - located on the river walk in front of the Power Station

James Chuter is a freelance illustrator, designer and street artist based in London. For the last couple of years he has been developing his fun, playful characters into large scale murals, canvas and limited edition prints, focusing on combining a random doodle feel with balanced and structured compositions.

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Mr Cenz - located on Arches Lane beside Battersea Brewery

Mr Cenz is a London based graffiti artist who has been scribbling on surfaces since 1988. Working from portrait photographs he creates futuristic and mysterious compositions which portray strong and spiritual women. Fusing together photorealism, illustration and graffiti, his distinctive style layers intricate and flowing letterforms, shapes and line work in a uniquely rhythmic way. His work has been described as “surrealist graffiti art for the soul”.

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Lois O'Hara - located under Grosvenor Bridge  

Lois’s work focuses on putting people back into a state of flow, in a world where people can be very distracted. She explores how colour can have positive effects on people and places, and gently encourages people to ‘move’ whether that be physically or emotionally. Her unique colour combinations and use of curves create playful visual narratives and patterns, making her style very recognisable.

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Tea One - located in the north park under the north west chimney (opposite Black Sheep Coffee)

Gavin Renshaw is a visual artist who combines elements of classical painting and graphic design with a graffiti aesthetic. Influenced by the post-industrial landscape of Britain, his work is informed by the stories gleaned from the remnants of a labour-intensive history, looking towards the future. Woven together alongside architectural derelicts, typography and imagined colour-fields, objects are cast centre stage as a vehicle for multiple interpretations.

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Ricky ALSO - located at Battersea Power Station underground station

Ricky ALSO‘s love for typography, colour and layout are the product of his background in graffiti art and graphic design. Drawing on these influences, he creates structured artworks from words and sayings, featuring exaggerated and manipulated letterforms that help to give a unique sense of movement and rhythm. With most of his work taking the form of painted murals, he plays heavily with scale and the concept of using supersized graphics to transform spaces.

Ricky ALSO's piece '509' explores the 509 mega watts which was the Power Stations generating capacity back when it was a working Power Station. 

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A special thanks to Creative Debuts, Knight Frank and Clarendon Fine Art for helping make this all happen!


Date 28/09/21 - 17/10/21
Time 00:00 - 23:45
Venue Battersea Power Station
Ticket Free