ONE LDN Yoga Flow + Meditation

Join us for a beautifully immersive yoga flow from ONE LDN designed to take your body and mind as far away as possible from your daily life!

Set against a projected backdrop of natural scenes with invigorating tunes, enjoy 1 hour of yoga flow followed by 30 minutes of guided meditation.

Calm your mind and invigorate your senses as you work your way through a series of gentle stretches, postures, and positions. 

ONE LDN is a premium gym and boutique fitness studios, located in the Imperial Wharf, Chelsea.
They offer a wide range of specialised classes across four studios, as well as light, spacious high performance gym.

All participants will be given a 20% membership discount for 3 months.

19 March - Book here

26 March - Book here

02 April - Book here

09 April - Book here


Date 19/03/19 - 09/04/19
Time 18:30 - 20:00
Venue The Village Hall
Ticket £10.00
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