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New - Tommy’s Margarita

- 50ml of El Jimador blanco tequila (or any 100% agave tequila of choice)
- 25ml of fresh lime juice
- 20ml of agave
- A lime wedge, to garnish


Shake all ingredients together with ice. You can adjust the agave levels to taste, depending on how sweet or sour you prefer your margaritas.
Strain into a rocks glass and garnish with a lime wedge. We use dehydrated limes in our bars, but fresh lime is also great.



The Address Is Rhubarb Pancakes Recipe

The No 29 rhubarb and ricotta pancakes look D.I.V.I.N.E and lucky for us they have shared their secret recipe! Served with an orange créme fraiche and lavender caramel, we can’t wait to make them this weekend.
Find the recipe here.


Rhubarb Negroni Recipe

If like us you are missing the delicious tipples and sunny outdoor seating area of No 29, then we have some good news. The No 29 team have shared the recipe for their divine Rhubarb Negroni.

Simply add 25ml of Chase rhubarb and Bramley apple gin to 25ml of Cocchi Americano or another vermouth, and 25ml of Campari. To garnish, boil 3cm chunks of rhubarb in equal parts sugar and water. Allow to cool. Serve the Negroni over ice, adding the garnish on top.

House Bircher Muesli Recipe

The No 29 House Bircher is a favourite amongst the masses, packed with goodness from wholesome oats, crunchy seeds, tangy rhubarb and punchy passionfruit, now you can create the breakfast classic whilst at home! Click here for the recipe.


No 29 MAV playlists

No 29 and award-wining music agency MAV have teamed together to bring the best playlists to your lounge. Check out their SoundCloud playlists here.



Date 24/04/20 - 01/07/20
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