12 Mood Boosting Tips

Keeping a positive mind during the winter months is always a bit of a challenge, but with the added layer of a lockdown, we all need a little extra help in 2021 to boost our mood! We've put together our top tips to raise your spirits, whether it's a simple bubble bath, getting lost in the narrative of a good book in front of the fire, or learning something new to cook. 

1. Donate to a good cause

Things may be tough, but there is usually someone out there that is finding it even tougher. It always feels good to give back, so why not find ways to help by donating old clothes, devices or money to some worthy causes. Our How to Help page has lots of ideas to get you started. 

2. Pour a long hot bath (if you have one!)

In summer it's way too hot for baths so make the most of the cold weather by running a bath where you won't overheat! Bath salts can really level-up bath time or even a couple of new fragrant candles. We can't get enough of the range from Paul Edmond's online store. We also recommend investing in a great new book. With so much screen time working from home, it's a welcome change to turn a page and get lost in another world, the old fashioned way.

3. Try out some new tea flavours

There really isn't much that can't be fixed with a good cup of tea (or so they say), and when you explore new flavours it becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Why not branch out from the normal supermarket range and try some new brands? We also hear The General Store has a lovely range if you are in the area.  

4. Put on an epic playlist (and dance!)

Whether it's a golden oldie or discovering something new, music really can improve your mood. Take some inspiration from Grey's Anatomy and 'dance it out', trust us you'll feel lots better! The team behind No.29 Power Station West have put together some of their favourite playlists. Have a listen to their latest one here.

5. If not tea, then COFFEE

The aroma. The taste. What's not to love about coffee? Level up your at-home coffee game to raise your spirits this winter. We recommend Black Sheep Coffee's coffee beans - and you can receive 10% off your first order if you sign up to their newsletter. 

6. Listen to some podcasts and interviews about mental health

Anxiety is perhaps more common than you think and can be particularly bad when times are uncertain. The team at Boom Cycle have teamed up with James, Clinical Director of @therapyemotionmatters, to help provide practical advice on managing it. Part 1 and 2 are now available for viewing on the Boom Cycle Instagram page

7. Get in your daily exercise

We know it's been said a lot, but it's true. Getting in a home workout can really help by releasing endorphins, make you feel like you have accomplished something that day and help keep negative self-talk away when it comes to body confidence. The team at Be Military Fit still have a range of great online classes to help you get started. Check them out here.

8. Take a few deep breaths

It may seem silly but trust us, it helps. 

9. Make lists

Whether it's things you are going to achieve that day (and it can be as small as 'wash my hair'), or things you are looking forward to (your latest online clothing order arriving perhaps), making lists can help us feel like we have accomplished things. You can also look further down the line and make a list of 10 things you are looking forward to later in the year. The next time you go to the theatre, the first handful of warm salty popcorn at the cinema, getting far too competitive at bingo... London has it all, and it will all come back to life piece by piece.

10. Relook at your social feeds 

There are some great accounts to follow that sprinkle good news between the influencer unboxings (do we still need those in 2021?) and past football clips. Anything with cute dogs we recommend of course! Make sure you also start to unfollow any accounts that make you feel bad or make you set unrealistic expectations of yourself. 

11. Phone a friend

This one can really lift the spirits! If you don't have that much to talk about (there aren't that many life updates in lockdown after all) why not play some games against each other online or do a virtual wine tasting? Vagabond Winery have a range of flight boxes that are perfect for this!

12. Cook your favourite meal, or learn a new recipe. 

Cooking may feel like a chore sometimes, but with a new recipe, some good music and a glass of wine in hand, it can be a lot of fun. To help you find some inspiration, a number of our amazing retailers have shared some of their secret recipes with us, from cocktails and cheese fondues, to black pepper crab and hearty fish pie. With the incredible range of fresh seafood delights from the Wright Brother’s online shop and Brindisa’s Spanish online store, you can also unlock access to exciting new ingredients that you won’t find at your local supermarket, all delivered to your door.


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