Just For Fun

Running out of ideas to keep everyone busy? Here are a few fun activities to keep you going!


New - Tutankhamun Murder Mystery

It’s a case of the ol’ ‘who done it’, Egyptian style. Travel through the sand and lies to uncover the murder of the daring Archaeologist who unearthed the truth about the legend of Tutankhamun. Some say the Archaeologist was struck down by the curse laid down by Tutankhamun himself.  Was it something, or someone, else? Find out more here.


New - Livestreamed Piano Concerts

London’s classical music scene may have turned to virtual performances during the lockdown, with many creative musicians still finding ways to deliver beautiful concerts. Renowned pianist Warren Mailley-Smith will be performing a series of gorgeous candlelight concerts where you can expect a steady flow of Chopin, Mozart, Liszt, and Rachmaninov to name a few. Find out more here.


Doggie Entertainment

Do you have a furry friend that is going a little stir crazy? Battersea Power Station is a great place to go dog spotting, especially with many of our retailers offering special dog treats in their restaurants. It may not always be possible to take your pup for a walk, so Secret London have put together a list of 10 ingenious ways to entertain your dog at home.

Find out more here.



Do you have kids with a little spare time on their hands? There are thousands of elderly in care homes that are missing their families and #MyDearNewFriend is a lovely initiative to help combat loneliness.

Find out more here.


The History of Cats Virtual Exhibition

Kattenkabinet, one of the world’s most unusual museums is a grand, privately owned canal house in Amsterdam filled to kitty’s bow with paintings, posters and sculptures of you guessed it… cats. At present their doors are shut, but there’s now a digital alternative that allows you to explore the representation of felines in art history, through 75 works from ancient Egypt to the present day.

Find out more here.

Craft Kits

If you like putting you hands to work to help pass the time, then great news! TimeIn (formally TimeOut) have put together nine of their favourite craft kits that can be ordered online.

Find out more here.


Bird Watching

Do you have hawk eyes? We have put together a list of the most common birds you might see from your window here. How many birds can you see? One point for every bird you can tick off, and a bonus point for any others you might find!

Why not take a photo of each type, and send it to us at activities@bpsdc.co.uk? You might just get a special photo of one of our birds back… 


The Greatest Brunch

The movie The Greatest Showman quickly became famous for its memorable soundtrack and great ensemble, so it is no surprise a number of sing-a-long events have popped up since. In the latest of virtual entertainment, from the team that brought us London’s popular West End Brunch have created a lockdown live stream with West End performers singing your favourite Greatest Showman songs.

Fins out more here.


Virtual Castle Exploring

Working from home situation and feeling a little cramped? Then we have the answer!  TimeIn (formerly known as TimeOut) have put together a list their top 12 castles to virtually explore, that you will be able to discover straightfrom the comfort of your couch. From Windsor Castle where Her Majesty the Queen is currently residing and the Palace of Versailles, to the White House and Ahasaka Palace in Japan, explore some of the most impressive buildings across the world.

Find out more here.


Virtual Aquarium

The Oceanogràfic in Valencia, Spain, is the biggest aquarium in Europe with over 45,000 resident creatures from 500 different species. For a limited time, you can now take a virtual, 360-degree tour of the aquarium (which is closed for the duration of Spain’s lockdown) from your very own sofa. No tickets. No restrictive opening times. The virtual tour runs entirely to your schedule. 

Explore 13 different enclosures, each one centred on a species or climate. Walk through Europe’s longest shark tunnel, get up close to crocodiles and meet jellyfish, flamingos or sea lions. It’s all available via the Oceanogràfic website. 

Natural History Museum Dinosaur Studies

If your kids love dinosaurs (or want to learn more about them) then you definitely can’t miss the Natural History Museums website. From quizzes, to experts debating which dinosaur was the coolest, to tutorials on how to draw them, there is plenty to keep all dino-fans entertained for hours.

Check it out here.


Tate Kids

Tate Kids is another great resource to keep the kids entertained. From friendship bracelets and chocolate paintings (yum!) to street art games and pop art tutorials, the Tate Kids website is a great source of information if you are searching  for more family friendly fun at home ideas.

Find out more here.


VR animals

Tigers, Pandas and Sharks, oh my! With Google's 3D objects, you can put virtual animals right in your living room. Using your mobile phone, simply Google the animal (try a shark for example) and click the 'View in 3D button' to access your camera and have your very own virtual animal at home. For more instructions and a list animals that are available, click here.

We would love to see your best pictures! Email us at activities@bpsdc.co.uk with the best shots. Bonus points if you get the Battersea Power Station in the background.   

Online board games

Are you a fan of boardgames? So are we! Learn new games or improve your skills, all at your own pace with Board Game Arena. Join ranked games, meet new challenges and rise through the ranks!

Harry Potter at Home 

Cast a Banishing Charm on boredom! This one is aimed at first-time readers but is still lots of fun for those in the know. Harry Potter at Home is filled with crosswords, puzzles, word searches, videos, guides and more! You can test your knowledge on a range of 'first year' quizzes, watch a craft video on how to draw a niffler, and check out a handy guide to reading Harry Potter for the first time. JK Rowling promises to add more wizarding content to the site as time goes on but it's a fantastic reading aid and accompaniment to help keep your little ones busy. - Recommended for ages 5+

Sharky & George Family Fun

  • Raving & Misbehaving - Join our friends over at Sharky & George every Sunday at 3pm as they disco dance the afternoon away. They'll be live streaming their amazing DJ, with some top tunes and some games for the kids. So, dress up, log on to their Facebook Live and get ready to party! - Suitable for all ages. 

  • Sharky & George Adventure Race - Our friends over Sharky & George will be hosting a 45-minute family adventure race on their Facebook page every Wednesday at 3pm for anyone and everyone to join and compete in. It'll be active, silly and a lot of fun with a series of challenges and games to be played as a family, with 10 specially selected families live on screen.  - Suitable for all ages 

  • S & G Afterschool Club - Let your kids enjoy a fun post school session where they can let their hair down after a hard day of work. Every weekday from 3.30pm the seesions will take a quick 10-15 minutes broadcast live on both the Sharky & George Facebook and Instagram pages, with different themes each day: 

    • Monday - Quiz

    • Tuesdaay - Adventure Race

    • Wednesday - Dance Off

    • Thursday - Science

    • Friday - Cooking


Teddy’s and Rainbows

Lots of people are putting teddy bears and pictures of rainbows in their windows as messages of hope for those that are walking around on their daily exercise. We love this idea, so recommend you too find some soft toys or get crafty with some colours to help share the love!

In addition you can also enter the John Lewis and Waitrose new 'Super-Bear' competition to honour frontline workers and raise critical funds for the NHS. The competition launches Friday 24 April, giving children two weeks to submit their designs. The brands are asking for toy ideas "That celebrate the spirit and fortitude of the fearless men and women working on the frontline during the Covid-19 crisis". To enter, children (or adults on children's behalf) must share their creations on social media using the hashtag #DesignYourSuperBear.

The winning design will be turned into a real toy with 100% of profits going to the NHS. The toy will go on-sale in October as one of the brand's iconic Christmas stuffed toys, beloved characters known to sell out year after year.


Visit Disneyland Orlando (Virtually)

Known as the happiest place on earth, Disneyland is a must for any kid who once dreamt of being a prince or princess. Although we may not be able to check it out in person just yet, Disneyland Orlando have created a range of virtual experiences that is guarenteed to bring some of the Disneyland magic into the home.

Check them out here.


No 29 MAV playlists

No 29 and award-wining music agency MAV have teamed together to bring the best playlists to your lounge. Check out their SoundCloud playlists here.


Make Your Own Chef Hat

This one is for the little chefs in the house! To help them feel inspired to experiement in the kitchen and learn some new skills, why not make a Chef hat at home? We found this great tutorial online. 



Date 01/03/20 - 31/05/20
Time 09:00 - 21:00
Venue Battersea Power Station @ Home
Ticket Free