Interactive Christmas Tree

Be sure to visit our interactive Christmas Tree installation bringing a splash of light and colour to the piazza this winter. This photogenic installation will create patterns of light as different numbers of people approach it. You can even explore underneath the tree to discover an immersion spider web of light.

Our  Christmas tree was created by Studio Bruyant, the Paris-based creative studio known for creating interactive work that invites the public to play. They aim to create unexpected experiences that bring people together through collaboration and communication. This is their first work in the UK.

“We were inspired by traditional Christmas symbols, abstract shapes and light. We want to invite the public to experiment with movement around the structure, and work with other visitors to create visuals in real time. This is what makes the installation a true playground”

Studio Bruyant


Date 29/11/18 - 04/01/19
Time 09:00 - 23:00
Venue Circus West Village
Ticket Free
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