Events at Moyses Stevens

Flower Crown Workshop, £140 PP, 3hrs: 6 June at 6pm | 21 June at 6pm- | 27 June at 6pm | 13 July at 3pm | 27 July at 3pm| 2 August at 6pm| 9 August at 6pm | 17 August at 3pm | 22 August at 2pm

'Let your creativity fly at one of Moyses Steven's Flower Crown Workshops. Select your favourite flowers, work to produce your own unique design and discover more about the world of floristry.


Hand Tied Taster Session, £135 PP, 3hrs: 13 June at 6pm | 22 June at 3pm| 29 June at 3pm| 4 July at 6pm | 14 July at 2pm | 20- July at 3pm | 10 August at 3pm | 18 August at 2pm | 24 August at 3pm

'Take your first steps in the world of floral design with a hand-tied bouquet taster session at Moyses Stevens. A member of their team will introduce the techniques, skills and methods you’ll need to master while demonstrating the finer points of creating an exquisite Moyses-style bouquet.'


Flowers for the Home, £280 PP, 6hrs: 12 June at 10am| 6 July at 10am | 19 July at 10am | 31 July at 10am

 'Join Moyses Stevens for a day of floral design at their Battersea school. Focusing on the theme of  'Flowers for the Home', during this course you will create free standing designs as well as oasis arrangements and vase pieces perfect for formal dinners & parties.' 


Dinner Parties/Event Classes, £280 PP, 6hrs: 12 July at 10am | 16 August at 10am

'Join Moyses Stevens for a course which will guide you through the technical aspects of event floristry. Suitable for complete beginners, this course aims to bring you up to speed with trends in modern floristry, improve practical skills and provide the confidence to create stunning arrangements of your own.'


Hand-Tied Bouquets, £260 PP, 6hrs: 5 June at 10am| 23 July at 10am | 17 July at 10am | 26 July at 10am | 8 August at 10am | 31 August at 10am

'Moyses Stevens are credited with introducing the hand-tied bouquet to Britain from France in the early 20th century, while their florists have been involved in developing the signature ‘dome’ style ever since. Needless to say, the guidance of a Moyses Stevens designer while studying the theory, practicalities and techniques necessary to create hand-tied bouquets is invaluable.'


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Date 05/06/19 - 31/08/19
Time 10:00 - 21:00
Venue Moyses Stevens
Ticket £260.00