Where to Watch the Euros 2021

If you are a big fan of the Euros 2021 and are looking for the perfect spot to watch, look no further. We have three great spots, and we suggest booking quick. 


Street Lounge

The team at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza have created the ultimate lounge (aptly called Street Lounge) in which to sit back and enjoy the games. Not only that, but you can order delicious cocktails and enjoy their bottomless pizza at the same time. 

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Battersea Brewery

With brews made locally on site and a great selection of craft beers, there aren't many better places to watch the Euros 2021 than our very own Battersea Brewery. Pair your beer with a cheese toastie and the night is made!

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No.29 Power Station West

From their delicious range of cocktails to the all-day dining menu, No.29 Power Station West are a great spot to watch the Euros.

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Date 27/05/21 - 11/07/21
Time 00:00 - 12:24
Venue Street Lounge, Battersea Brewery & No.29
Ticket Free