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Lunchtime Pilates w/ Asteria Pilates

Join Pilates instructor Nathalie Clough, founder of Asteria Pilates, for a dynamic and strong lunchtime Pilates class, open to all abilities.

Defuse any myths or preconceptions of Pilates being just about breathing and stretching. Blast those abs and burn those glutes for 45mins. The class will also focus on correct imbalances within the body whilst strengthening and lengthening muscles at the same time.

* Classes start 18th April - £10 for taster class *

To book email Nathalie on


About Pilates
Pilates is well known for its benefits and improvement in strengthening the core. Unlike any other discipline, the practice of Pilates creates and develops an awareness of the body. Pilates is a form of resistance training, which not only provides the correct engagement of the core but it also helps to improve muscle strength without creating a ‘bulk’.   The major benefits of Pilates training is that it can be built into any regime. For those with little time, small short pockets of exercises can be put together to help alleviate muscle imbalances and weaknesses brought on by daily life. For athletes and those with more of a rigorous exercise routine, it can be added to support existing training and ensure muscles work efficiently.   About the Instructor Nathalie is a local Pilates instructor, teaching classes in SW London as well as private and corporate sessions in Greater London. She’s witnessed the benefits of Pilates first hand; not for just rehabilitation, but to change and sculpt the body.  The application of all 6 Pilates principles makes Pilates unique to the fitness world and accounts for the balance, power and control one can experience as a result of regular practice. The foundation of Nathalie’s teaching combines The Classical Method with variations to integrate the body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness. Nathalie strives to promote an understanding of the exercises and to offer a class that suits the health needs and fitness experiences of everyone.



Date 25/07/18 - 25/07/18
Time 12:30 - 13:30
Venue The Village Hall, Circus West Village, Battersea Power Station
Ticket £10.00
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