The Ricotta Pancakes: 188g flour, 2.5g baking powder, 280ml milk, 3x egg yolks, 3x egg whites,     250g ricotta cheese, 1tsp lemon juice

The Poached Rhubarb: 2kg rhubarb; 800ml water; 500g caster sugar

The Orange Crème Fraîche: 250g Crème Fraîche; 1/2 orange zest & juice; 5ml orange blossom water

The Lavender Caramel: 250g caster sugar; 2 heads of dried lavender  


The Ricotta Pancake

Whisk together the flour and baking powder. Combine the milk, egg yolks and add into the dry ingredients and whisk until combined. Gently fold in the Ricotta cheese (be careful to keep the texture) 

Beat the egg whites with the lemon juice in an electric mixer until stiff

Stir a small scoop of the egg whites into the pancake batter then fold in the remaining whites with a spatula

Use a ladle to pour 38g batter onto the hot griddle/pan

Cook the pancakes for about 3 or 4 minutes, until the undersides are golden and you see a few bubbles popping through the pancakes. Flip the pancakes and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes, until golden. 

The Poached Rhubarb

Cut 200g rhubarb into 6cm lengths (if to thick split in 1/2 lengthways)

Make sugar syrup 80ml water with 50g caster sugar. Bring to the boil

Pour the boiling syrup over the rhubarb. (Cook for 6-10min until tender but not falling apart)

Cover and leave to cool.

The Orange Créme Fraîche

Mix the crème fraîche with 1/2 orange zest & juice

Add the orange blossom water and transfer to a dish to chill

The Lavender Caramel

Heat the caster sugar with a few drops of water to make caramel

Remove from heat and mix in two heads of dried lavender and spread on a baking mat to cool, then crush

How we serve…

Plate a stack of five pancakes and add the rhubarb to alternate sides on each layer. Top with orange crème fraîche, more rhubarb, pour reduced syrup over & around

Finish with a sprinkle of crushed lavender caramel