Aura Photography at The Alkemistry

Ever wondered what you radiate? The Alkemistry, our newest fine jewellery pop-up, are offering a unique experience to photograph your aura.

Using innovative technology, this experience is a magical way to see an insight into your energy and personality. To remember your experience, you’ll receive a polaroid picture and information to delve further into your aura – each one is unique, and the colours captured and positioning hold different meanings. Would you like to know what energy your dog or child radiate? They also offer aura photography experiences for your little loves and perfect pooches too.

The experience is available from 18th November on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm – 8pm. A single appointment is £35 or book a double reading for yourself and a loved one for £50.

What is an Aura?

The aura is an extension of the physical body, acting as a mirror to reflect and radiate the energy that a person holds at that specific time. It can reflect emotions, thoughts, personalities, and so much more.

About The Alkemistry

The Alkemistry, founded by Kirstie Gibbs in 2015, was created to bridge the gap in the UK jewellery market, the line between high end fine jewellery and silver plated fashion jewellery. While setting up the business, Kirstie came to realise that certain skills and innovation were missing in the UK’s jewellery manufacturing and set about changing this by creating its own brand with its own purposeful mission.

Saturday 18 November - Sunday 31 December
The Alkemistry Pop-Up, Ground Floor, Turbine Hall A, The Power Station

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