The Battersea General Store

The Battersea General Store is your local global store.

They select the finest global produce, so whether you are picking oranges from the Fruit & Veg Boat, ordering a flat white from their baristas, getting your favourite panini from its Deli, or simply doing your weekly shop, they will make sure you have fun doing it.

And their range of produce is anything but ordinary. They offer Spanish potato chips, Japanese Whisky, Mac’n’Cheese from America, crispbread from Norway as well as artisan breads, hams, pastries and a world of other gorgeous tastes.

As well as international brands, they support local artisan suppliers of beer, wine, cheese and more.

Your daily Times or your monthly Vanity Fair? They stock those too, and if you are local, they can deliver to your door.

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Open Hours

7am - 11pm
7am - 11pm
7am - 11pm
7am - 11pm
7am - 11pm
7am - 11pm
12 noon - 6pm
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