To achieve our vision of “creating a place that embraces our heritage, engages with our present and protects our future” we are focussing on four inter-connected sustainability priorities. 
Jobs & Education: offering opportunities for young people to learn about jobs at Battersea Power Station, creating thousands of jobs and delivering training programmes to ensure that local people are able to benefit from these opportunities.

Economy: supporting and promoting local businesses and contributing to the growing local, national and international economy.

Environment: using resources responsibly, minimising our impact on climate change and fulfilling our role as custodians of Battersea Power Station’s heritage.

Community: engaging with people about the changes that are happening at Battersea Power Station, investing in local community groups and building a town centre with facilities that are open to everyone.

We share our progress on our priorities and the wider benefits of the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station through our publication of Positive Energy every two years.  Each edition of Positive Energy is a snapshot in time articulating the total economic, social and environmental contribution that the project is making.