Safeguarding the Future of Cringle Dock


The opportunity to modernise Cringle Dock, which is coming to the end of its designed life, has the potential to deliver many benefits. It is essential that the waste transfer station is modernised so we can mitigate the environmental impacts of the site on the area and safeguard its operation.

Although measures have been taken to mitigate the impact of the existing waste transfer station’s operations, Battersea Power Station and the Western Riverside Waste Authority believe that the best long term solution is a comprehensive redevelopment of the site. This would reduce and potentially remove many of the environmental impacts on residents, workers and visitors in the surrounding area – including to the north of the river – and increase the resilience and efficiency of the waste operation to safeguard the long-term future of Cringle Dock as an operational wharf.


The Benefits of Redevelopment

In February 2016, Wandsworth Council approved consent for Battersea Power Station and the Western Riverside Waste Authority's joint venture to redevelop Cringle Dock by providing a new, modern waste transfer station and additional new homes for the Vauxhall Nine Elms Area. The benefits of redevelopment include:

  • Removal of the waste storage pit
    • This is the principal source of odours and its removal would significantly reduce this problem
  • Enclosure of the waste transfer station to mitigate environmental impact
    • This includes introducing acoustic cladding and an air filtration system to extract dust and odours
  • Efficiency
    • The existing transfer station equipment is outdated and nearing the end of its working life. New and innovative technologies will enhance the process at Cringle Dock and ensure the sustainable long-term future of its operation
  • Delivery of new, high-quality homes
    • Enabling modernisation of the waste transfer station and extending the regeneration of Nine Elms
  • Potential to extend the Thames Path
    • Further public space could potentially be created, allowing pedestrians to move between the extended path being developed at Battersea Power Station and Riverlight
  • Enhanced visual amenity
    • Enclosure of the wharf in a ‘box’ with an eco roof will improve the appearance of the site from the river front and north bank of the Thames
  • Maintaining active wharf uses on the River Thames
    • Keeping the river in use as a working, low-carbon transport artery and providing jobs to the local community
  • Sustainability
    • Creating a long-term solution for waste management at Cringle Dock


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