Neighbourhood Building


Those who make their homes at Battersea Power Station will be among the first to forge an active, culturally rich new community in the heart of the city. This will be a genuine neighbourhood where the location, architecture and wealth of facilities inspire people to interact, make things happen and build a place of which to be proud.

Where once the Power Station poured energy into the capital, the new community that flourishes around it will generate social and cultural vitality for the whole city. This will be more than just a beautiful spot to have a home. It will be a place that nourishes every aspect of life. It will be a a place where people will want to raise their children - and where those children will be proud to say they grew up.

Battersea Power Station is designed to nurture interactions and inspire enduring relationships. The development’s Community Charter sets out comprehensive, tangible promises for building a genuine community.

Commitment to Community

If you are a close neighbour and would like to become a member of the Building Battersea Neighbourhood Group to receive construction updates from the contractors, please email us at


You can download The Community Charter here.

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