Health & Wellness

Staying fit, healthy and motivated while you're at home is super important for both your physical and mental well-being. Whether it's online fitness classes to power up your day, healthy shake recipes or mindful activities, we have you covered.  


New - Be Military Fit

The team at Be Military Fit are excited to bring you the very best live stream and on-demand BMF workouts, delivered by your favourite instructors #TRAINANYWHERE. The programme offers a dynamic, personalised and comprehensive fitness at home experience where you need nothing more than a laptop or smartphone. 

Find out more here.  They have also created blogs, podcasts, and videos that discuss mental health and ways in which you can look after it for Mental Health Awarenss Week. Check them out here.

BMF #BeActive

Be Military Fit have launched ‘Be Active Hour’ taking place on 30 May 2020, which will consist of a one-hour live family-friendly workout, to be hosted by Bear Grylls and the BMF team.  Fitness professionals from across Europe will also be getting involved to unite the whole continent about the role physical activity can play in all of our lives.

As part of the 'Be Active' summer campaign, Be Military Fit will also be offering FREE access to live workouts and on-demand workouts to all staff from the National Health Service during COVID-19.
Find out more here.

New - Virtual Skin and Colour Consultations
Paul Edmonds have launched virtual skin and colour consultations to help you at home! Whether you're running out of products and need a top up, or seeking advice on how to solve your skin concerns, celebrity skin gurus Sunita Chouhan and Gene Tevari are on hand to lend advice during lockdown. Make your booking here. 


Doggie Entertainment

Do you have a furry friend that is going a little stir crazy? Battersea Power Station is a great place to go dog spotting, especially with many of our retailers offering special dog treats in their restaurants. It may not always be possible to take your pup for a walk, so Secret London have put together a list of 10 ingenious ways to entertain your dog at home. 

Find out more here. 


Boom Cycle 

The team at Boom Cycle have some exciting news, they have partnered with Apex to bring high-energy bike-based workouts to your home. The Apex bike is a stationary bike that allows users an immersive cycling experience, using Bluetooth to connect your device to workouts from your favourite Boom Cycle instructors. Click here for more information.

We also have two of their recommended recovery shakes recipes that you can make at home, plus their Spotify playlist to get you in the mood for your next workout. 

Arm Tracks

Hopefully you already follow Boom Cycle on Instagram, but in case you don’t they have added a great range of arm workouts on their page that are quick and easy, using things found around the house. Follow them now and keep those arms toned!


Boom Talks Anxiety

Anxiety is perhaps more common than you think and can be particularly bad when times are uncertain. The team at Boom Cycle have teamed up with James, Clinical Director of @therapyemotionmatters, to help provide practical advice on managing it. Part 1 and 2 are now available for viewing on the Boom Cycle Instagram page.


Boom Online Shop

If, like us, you have been nominated for 5k runs or press up challenges on Instagram, then you want to look your best for when you nominate back. Boom Cycle’s activewear range stylish, super comfortable and available online! Click here to take a look at the range.


Spring Into Spring Online Classes

Get your sweat on with BMF, boxing and hula hooping, or restore the mind, body and soul with some yoga and pilates. Click here to see full list of online workouts. 


Bird Watching

Do you have hawk eyes? We have put together a list of the most common birds you might see from your window. How many birds can you see? One point for every bird you can tick off, and a bonus point for any others you might find! Find our handy guide here.

Why not take a photo of each type, and send it to us at You might just get a special photo of one of our birds back… 


Moyses Stevens Deliveries  

Studies show that having greenery indoors is good for your mental wellbeing, so why not add a little plantation to the house while you are stuck inside? Moyses Stevens are thrilled to be able to offer a fabulous flower delivery service covering every part of London. Their customers have long known Moyses Stevens is the florist of choice for both London and nationwide same day delivery.

Orders must be placed before 3pm for next day delivery from Tuesday to Saturday. Click here to visit their website. For some additional tips and tricks on how to keep your plants healthy and well, click here. 


Self Care with Paul Edmonds 

It feels good to look after yourself, and the Paul Edmonds online shop has you covered. From the best hair masks, shampoos and nail kits, there are plenty of options online to keep you looking and feeling great. Don't forget to check out their Instagram for great tips like "how to trim your bangs at home". 


Free Life Skills Courses with Role Models

Role Models, a British education provider, is incredibly excited to be offering a limited number of free 90-minute 'Online Life Skills' sessions next week. This will help children cope with difficult emotions and build their resilience during an incredibly difficult time for families around the world. 

To learn more about the free sessions or to book click here. The courses are developed specifically for 5-7 and 8-11 year olds, and are packed with engaging content and calming tools to help them build confidence and resilience, and develop a growth mindset. Role Models are running various courses, programmes, childcare sessions and online parties throughout the entire lockdown period. 


No 29 House Bircher Muesli Recipe

The No 29 House Bircher is a favourite amongst the masses, packed with goodness from wholesome oats, crunchy seeds, tangy rhubarb and punchy passionfruit, and now you can create the breakfast classic at home! Click here for the recipe. 

Chelsea Farmers

The team at Chelsea Farmers are offering reasonably priced fruit and vegetable boxes and deliver them to people’s front doors. Produce is sourced daily from London markets and delivered at a time that works for you. 

There are three types of box to choose from and orders can be made over the phone or via WhatsApp. Find out more here.




Date 01/03/20 - 31/05/20
Time 09:00 - 21:00
Venue Battersea Power Station @ Home
Ticket Free